Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rough Nights

Well it has been some rough nights in our house. Thumper has insomnia, no real reason and she is sooooo crabby when she doesn't get enough sleep. We decided to split Jelly Bean and Cookie they play way too much and keep each other up or wake each other up, makes for more crabby little ones. Unfortunately Jelly Bean doesn't handle change too well so takes some time to get to sleep. Jelly Bean and Cookie however still are getting up at 4:45 AM, oh how I need some sleep with no interruptions.

Father's Day went well for Papa Cat. He got a few new tools and hope to list some new creations on our Etsy site soon. I'm sure soap dishes will be on his list he can't seem to make enough of them, lol. Kids and I made crab legs and seven layer salad for his dinner, it's his favorite. Also watched the trilogy of Indiana Jones in preparation of the going to the new movie. It was really a lot of fun. Truly what a blessing God gave us to be parents. We feel honored that he chose us to have so many children. I know there are many out there that are unable to have children and I feel your pain, I was there once myself. Adoption sometimes I think is a joke, can touch base on that at a later time. I know some have been able to do adoption but for many the expense is ridiculous. I don't understand why it has to cost so much when the first priority should be to get these children out of the system and into a stable loving home. Again thats another topic for another day.

Another year without my Dad has made Father's Day still difficult. My Father passed away on November 20, 2003. He had spleen and liver cancer which was found too late and made its way through the body. It has been six long years without him and I miss him a lot. I miss that my children have missed out on having Grandpa around, he really would have enjoyed all these boys and he loved Thumper so much. I don't think we ever get over the loss of a parent.

So I have a funny to tell on Cookie. Over the weekend he found a permanent blue marker and decided to color his testicles, yes his testicles. He thought he was so funny. I'm really surprised Jelly Bean wasn't a part of the fun and they didn't color Spud's as well. A picture would be worth a thousand words but you all will have to imagine this one on your own. Oh the leverage I have on him some day, lol. Cookie is something else, just can't find the words to describe him. He thinks he is the boss of all, because he does no wrong, not, always finds trouble to get into, makes his own trouble when he can't find any, daredevil (he will have the first broken bone of the family), and very sneaky. Not even sure if that scratches the surface of his character, lol. But ya gotta love him, he looks so innocent out in public, yes he knows how to work the public too.

I have made some great friends on Etsy these days, they are my sounding board for good and bad. I really enjoy chatting with them each day and many times multiple times a day. I have begun to list some of their blogs sites take the time to check them out, or go to Etsy and check them out most of them blog with the same user name as Etsy. I hope to list some of my favorite items from Etsy friends as well very soon. There are just so many great artists out there that make such unique things. Visit the site you will fall in love with so much.

Gotta run kittens are only giving me a small minute.

Blessings to all.

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Jeanne Selep said...

That you find a minute to blog at all is what is amazing...