Sunday, June 29, 2008

Haircuts For All

Well, I think March might have been the last time we made it for haircuts. My hairdresser and I joked that soon we would be going in for our bi annual haircuts. I said well we are almost at quarterly. Just seems like there is never enough time in the day to go for haircuts and since our hairdresser does it from her home on the side we have to also work around her schedule. But I have to admit its more the craziness in our house than hers.

Peanut decided he wanted a new hair style and got his spiked. I figured summer was the best time to try it out and would have time to grow back in before school started. Actually it turned out pretty good. It doesn't stay spiked long though because his brothers think its pretty cool to touch. And of course he keeps touching it too and the gel just softens each time.

Everyone else now at least looks normal and like little boys again. And I have to admit mine was driving me crazy. I know mine is getting pretty out of control when I can brush it out of my eyes from the wind. Thats really long for me. Papa Cat almost went for a buzz, he says just in case this bi annual thing takes place.

Ok gotta run kittens need me as usual.

Mama Cat

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