Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Good Morning All,

This is my first time at blogging so bear with me. I'm going to make an attempt at posting everyday, but being realistic that may not happen. There are five kittens in the family that take a lot of my time; Thumper, my oldest and only girl will be 10 in July, Peanut just turned 6 in April, Jelly Bean just turned 4 in April, Cookie will be 3 in August, and Spud just turned 1 in March. So needless to say it is a busy household.

At the moment everyone is playing nicely and somewhat quietly freeing me up for just a few moments.

Currently in our life we are looking for another home, we have only been in this one for a year but it has a lot of leaks and mold growing that has caused some severe allergy issues with all the kittens especially our little Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean has heart and lung disease. The mold is really causing havoc on his lungs. We have been in to the emergency room with serveral bouts of pneumonia so far this year. This is the worst he has been since he was little. Jelly Bean has had a host of health issues since birth and had two open heart surgeries by the time he was three months old. Overall he has been doing wonderful just have need for oxygen now and then. Thumper itches her nose and constantly sneezing which in turn has her with frequent headaches, Peanut has asthma so he has been using his inhaler way too much. The sad part is the home is brand new, we are currently renting and wanted to buy the home but can't do that when the owner refuses to fix the leaks or clean out the mold.

I hate moving, we have done it way too much in the past four years. It seems life has thrown us a lot of curve balls with loss of work for Papa Cat. But we will survive always do, with the Lord's help. This year Papa Cat is doing pretty good with his business, he began his own landscaping business the year Jelly Bean was born. It has had its ups and downs as it can be hard to please some people even when mowing their grass. But four years later we still have several of our original clients and have added two churches to the list. He has been asked to place a quote on a subdivision and a town home community for next year. We pray the Lord will provide these accounts as it will aslo give us some constant winter income from snow.

Our faith is above all the most important aspect of our life. We feel truly blessed to have five wonderful children, food to eat, a roof over our head, reliable vehicles, and work for Papa Cat. Without the Lord we wouldn't get through any of the trials life has to offer us. We pray that in everything we do we serve the Lord. That we leave footprints behind that lead others to His amazing love. Many wonder where God is during so many rough trials in their life, He is there carrying each one of us every step of the way providing only what we need not necessarily what we want. If it weren't for Him we wouldn't make it through the trials. And as the saying goes if it weren't for the rain we wouldn't see the rainbow. Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to stop and notice our Heavenly Father, but when life gets rough He is the first that we turn to, did He leave during our times of selfishness, no He just stood by waiting patiently as any Father would for us to realize we can't go through life without Him.

Ok that is it for me now the kittens have played quietly by themselve all they can so it's time for Mama Cat to step in.

May the Lord bless You richly,
Mama Cat


Jeanne Selep said...

Well hello again. When I start reading backward through a blog, I always wonder how far back I'm going to read. I'm always glad when I make it to the end, (which is in actuality the blog's beginning) and I glad I made it to the beginning of your blog. I'm glad to know now that you will have a home you are happy in, the children's health issues have improved and feeding the family is easier, your hubby business is doing well, you are finding time to enjoy the bible, etc. I guess from now on as I follow your blog it will be life unfolding forward, not backward, and the answer to the current crisis won't be already known from a later blog post that has already been read by me...
This probably makes no sense, but it still is a very interesting experience for me.
I've enjoyed your blog alot, and look forward to your future postings.

Jeanne Selep said...

And, P.S. I believe now there are no blog postings without a comment. :) Good Night!