Friday, June 13, 2008

Introducing The Real Cats Of The Family

I just thought I would share our beautiful siberian cats. The cat on top is Chloe. She turned two in May of this year. Chloe is Thumpers cat and only allows her to hold her, touch her, sit by her. She is a fussy little thing, doesn't like Papa Cat, doesn't like anyone else in the family to hold her or barely sit by her. She is kind of a look but don't touch sort of cat. The bottom cat is Sasha, she turned two years old in April of this year. Sasha does not like Papa Cat either but Mama Cat is her favorite. She is actually Peanuts cat. She likes a lot of attention, likes to be held, loves to play, and likes to lick my face each morning for a wake up call. They are great cats to have around and help to make our family complete.

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tessimal said...

Such Pretty Pussy Cats!