Friday, June 20, 2008

Playful Kittens

Well today the kittens thought they would create their own way of playing. Papa Cat got a large package in the mail therefore large box. Peanut broke the box down flat and they all took turns sledding down the stairs on the box. There were lots of laughs, sore bums, and a few tears when they fell off. But I guess well worth it because they continue to play the sledding game.

Peanut lost his first tooth, he has been waiting forever to lose one. Eating an apple and thought it was a seed so spit it out. Oh that was a lot of fun trying to find the tooth to leave for the tooth fairy, mmmm wonder what she'll bring to him.

Our little business on etsy has been doing us pretty good at least two sales every week. Papa Cat wants more I'm happy with slow and steady. I'm hoping the holidays will boost things a bit. We are brainstorming some new ideas to add, should have some new things listed within a couple of weeks. Currently I am working on new hang tags for our products and some new packaging to help things look more professional and dress things up a bit.

Jelly Bean decided to go out on his own the other day. He made it three blocks down and was on his way back to the house when someone found him. Of course he can't talk yet so she had no idea who he belonged to, and we are new to the community. The Lord directed her in the right direction, a friend from church lives in the direction he was coming from so she assumed she would know, well she knew where he belonged only because we know each other from church. I am so lucky the Lord watches after my children when I cannot. He crossed a pretty busy main street in the subdivision not once but twice and it has a bit of a hill so people dont' always see whats up ahead. I had no idea he had gotten out and had just asked all the other kittens where he was and they said in the basement playing and they were just down there so I thought they knew what they were talking about. I was fixing supper so didn't check. Then someone came knocking at the door and to my surprise carrying my JellyBean. Needless to say my heart stopped as the story unfolded.

Ok off to a kitten run as usual. God's Blessings to all. Mama Cat


Jeanne Selep said...
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Jeanne Selep said...

God does watch after our children (sometimes), and he nudges others to watch out for our children too. I'm glad all went well in the end. There is a reason to live in a safer, Christian community.