Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Have Children

#10. To have endless mounds of laundry.

#9. Pay back for when you are senile.

#8. To have your own zoo in your house.

#7. To learn precise balance as you make your way through the toys.

#6. So you can relearn all the subjects you hated in school.

#5. To learn to be a short order cook.

#4. So you can learn to be a great referee.

#3. Because your life is just simply too quiet and alone time is so over rated.

#2. Doing dishes is your favorite past time.

#1. Because when its good its really good.

Can you tell we need winter to get over and we have been cooped up in the house wwwaayyyy too long, lol.

Thank you Lord that I have children to complain about.

Blessings to you all,
Mama Cat

Not my child, but too cute, some days I need all the prayers I can get.


Jeanne Selep said...

Point # 1 can be true of alone time as well, you know ;)

My Music Tube said...

Nice Post and Praying time ...

kikipos said...

nice post!!!