Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wooden Looms

Hello Friends,

Today was a busy day running around getting new supplies such as lumber, yarn, and fabric. Some times it is hard for the little guys to ride around in the truck for the day but actually did pretty good today. They love going to the lumber store where they can get the tape measure that's attached to a large ball. They measure as much wood as they can. They stand around like Papa Cat sizing up which piece to buy, it is very comical. The owners were at the shop today and both just loved having the boys there, they took some time to come out to talk and visit with them. The were very Grandparenty, lol. After we got back I had hubby busy making me some new looms. I tried out the loom knitting quite some time ago but life got busy and I put it away. I have decided to bring it back out and try a few projects. I love the look of knit and wish I could use needles to knit but just can't seem to get the knack of it, my crocheting is much faster. The Knifty Knitter plastic looms are nice for some things. I made Thumper a beautiful furry cheetah scarf (black and gold) and a very pretty black furry shawl for Christmas. However, when I go to knit other things I just think for me the plastic looms are just too loose. The reason I love the look of knit is the very close and tight stitches. I thought about purchasing the fine gauge and extra fine gauge wooden looms you can find online but wow what a price tag. So, since hubby is quite talented I just had him make me one. He started me out with a fine gauge which works great with two strand of four ply yarn to give you a very nice tight stitch. I am working on making an infant swaddling cocoon which I will post as I get going more, I had to rip it out and start over three times, ugh. I am going to have him make me an extra fine gauge tomorrow so I can make a nice light cotton infant swaddling cocoon for the summer. I hope it goes like I want it to. So here is the fine gauge loom that he has made, still needs a bit of prettying up before we are able to post in our shop, but that won't take long. If anyone out there thinks they might like to purchase a wooden loom from us please visit our shop at catzinthehouse@etsy.com

Blessings to you all,

Mama Cat

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fancyfrogbeadery said...

Pretty or not your husband did good.