Friday, February 27, 2009

Read the Bible

Hello Friends,

I am on a mission to read my Bible this year from start to finish twice. Well, actually read it once and listen/read it a second time using the awesome dramatized cds of the Bible. I have read parts of the Bible my whole life but never have made it start to finish.

I was on a mission to do this last year after losing my Mom but instead have been in an overwhelming sadness that words do not even begin to explain. I have gotten somewhat better and have realized that in order to help my children through the death of their Grandmother I must first help myself. Thanks Jodie and Pastor Erik for pointing that out to me in a very loving way.

I have always taken great enjoyment in reading the Bible and listening to Christian music so I am hoping that's what I really need to help me get a handle on life again and break free from this bubble I seem to be trapped in. I say bubble because its not like a dark hole that I can't see a light but rather a clear bubble I can see everything going on around me but can't participate. It's not a good feeling let me tell you.

The Lord asks us to have an intimate relationship with Him. How do we do that? Well, how do you get to know other friends you have. You talk with them often, multiple times a day if they are a really good friend. You think of them often. You want to spend time with them and often. You share everything about yourself holding nothing back. Well, how do you do this with the Lord you may ask. First of all you go to knees and ask Him to enter into your life. You "talk" to Him often during the day through prayer. And you learn of His ways and love for you by reading His Word. If you wanted to learn more about me the best way to do that would be to read my journal. Look at the Bible as God's journal. The more you read it, the more you become consumed by wanting to learn more about God and what makes Him tick. And the more you learn of Him the more you want to be a part of a deep intimate relationship with Him and be overwhelmed by the blessings He will shower on you. You will be so excited to spend time with our Heavenly Father, you will want to start and end your day with Him and place Him everywhere in between. And don't forget to just be still and listen for the Lord's guidance. Being quiet is ok too. Try it out and see what I mean.

I would love to have some Bible reading partners. Please join me on my adventure. You pray for me and I will pray for you, encouragement from others is sometimes all we need to get moving and stay focused.If you would like to join me in my quest to read the Bible start to finish let me know. Thus far I have made it through creation, the fall into sin, the birth of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Noah has built a boat, the earth was destroyed by water, Joseph was thrown into a pit but God had bigger plans than that for him. Joseph has been rescued and sold into slavery. Joseph has interpreted dreams with the guidance of God. Joseph has saved Egypt from seven years of drought. Joseph forgave his brothers and welcomed them to Egypt and made a home from them. Pharaoh has died and a new Pharaoh has taken the Israelites into slavery. Moses has taken a basket ride down the Nile. The plagues of Egypt have made an impact and Israel is being led to the Promise Land. Moses has spoken with the Lord and has passed along the ten commandments. Moses and the Israelites are ready to build the Ark of the Covenant according to God's exact directions. Whew . . . I have gotten pretty far. And if you let yourself look past the big words you can't pronounce you will really enjoy your reading. Find a Bible that is easy to read. Sorry if I offend someone, but the King James Version is not the Bible to read for the first time. I think many would become overwhelmed and give up. Save that for your second time through.

I will keep you updated as I move through the best selling book of all times, the Bible.

May the Lord of all creation, shine His light on you today and every day.

Mama Cat

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Jeanne Selep said...

I admire you for your ambitious plan. I enjoy the bible in small segments. I recently did a bible study by a woman Beth Moore jus on the book of Daniel. There is so much in just one book... Good luck in your goal.