Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy SonDay

Hello Friends,

Another SonDay already. The weeks go by fast it seems.

I want to share another of my favorite pictures of Jesus. This particular picture carried me through all my trials as I watched my little Jelly Bean go through his many many surgeries. I always had this picture taped to the side of his incubator, bed, or oxygen tent so others new just who would provide the ultimate care for him. It was such an awesome reminder to me that no matter what was happening that day it would be ok because Our Lord had Jelly Bean right where He wanted him, in His arms.

"Snuggling Infant" by Jean Keaton

You know, God is waiting for you to hand over all your troubles to Him. He never expects you to go through anything alone. You must remember bad things don't happen because God is necessarily letting them happen. Bad things are often a result of sin in this world. That sin will often trickle down to the innocent by stander. And when it does be comforted in knowing God will never give you more than you can handle when He is a part of situation.

May the Lord bless your week.

Mama Cat


Jeanne Selep said...

What a beautiful picture to have during a rough time like that. I hope all is well with your children, but Jesus does place people in your life to help you, and is there to help you through the roughest times and the good times as well.

mira said...

what a wonderful reminder. Thanks.

Gerky said...

I have several of those Jese pencil sketches. My son printed out some of the them and gave them to my daughter for her birthday last year. They are wonderfully done.