Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Sonday

Hello Friends,

Stopping in for my Sunday prayer and another favorite picture post.

Todays favorite picture of mine comes from Simon Dewey. There are so many to choose from this artist, it is hard to pick a favorite so I am certain you will be seeing more of him posted here.

The Lord is My Shepherd by: Simon Dewey

Almighty Father,

Today I raise up to You many that know you and many that have strayed away. I pray that You will touch the hearts of those who have stopped by my blog. Shine the Light of Christ into each one that they can make a difference to Your Kingdom. Provide for each in this struggling economy. Touch those who made need your healing hand. Comfort those who may be waiting to go from this life into life eternal. May each who read this know that ever step they take in life, you have gone before them taking on all that they will endure so that You know their struggles and will help them through even the darkest moments. Forgive those who have sinned against you by the blood of Christ. Sin, it comes in many forms, help all to keep from the many temptations that Satan throws their way. Provide a week that is over flowing with blessings. Saturate each one with your love.

I ask all of this in Jesus name.


Mama Cat

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Thoughts said...

Dear Friend,

I am so impressed with pictures of Christ in your blog. I'm still kinda new to blogging ( just 6 months). Your blog appeared when I needed a moment of encouraging.