Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pray For Our New President

Hello Friends,

I just thought I would make a quick stop in. I wanted to encourage everyone to take a moment to pray for our newest president Barack Obama. Whether you wanted him in the White House or not, he is here. He has a plate full that he needs to clean up. He will need wisdom, strength, support from fellow Americans, encouragement, and above all else guidance from the Lord God Almighty. I pray he will walk the walk, he made some strong promises so to speak and I hope he will follow through no matter how hard it may be. I really hope he will make change, no matter whose toes he steps on. Now I am also very realistic, it seems no politician is truly honest, but just says what we want to hear to get the position they want. Some may say these are harsh words but thats ok. I want change. I want a President who doesn't feel like he has to follow the "in" crowd, willing to look outside the box, willing to go the extra mile, recognize their are many people in this country who live simple lives that need help. To me Mr. Obama seems more down to earth, more approachable than those who have come before him, but maybe that is because he is from my area. So please take a moment not only today but each day to pray for our people in office, they need our prayers.

A Prayer for ObamaWednesday November 5, 2008

[Please add your prayers as well.]

Our prayer today, Our Father, is for President-Elect Barack Obama.
Our prayers include:That You, the infinite font of wisdom, might grant him wisdom daily.That You, the loving God of all, might grant him love for you and for others, including our enemies.That You, the holy and righteous God of justice, might empower him to do what is right in all that he does.That You, the Lord, might grant him the charisma of insight to lead in this turbulent world and time.That You, the Healer, might grant him the grace of reconciling damaged relations in this country and in the world about us.That You, the God of Life, might grant him a commitment to act for all -- the unborn and born, the young and old, the civilian and the soldier -- to preserve life and honor that each of us is fashioned in the image of God.That You, the Father, might grant him the time and wisdom to father his two young daughters and love Michelle, his wife.And that You, the God of all comfort, might grace him and his family as they mourn the loss of his grandmother.Lord, hear our prayer.Through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

Mr. Obama may the Lord God who put you in the position of President of the United States be your first advisor of the White House.

May the Lord bless you till we meet again.

Mama Cat

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